Would you have a homebirth in someone else’s home?

Guest post by Lara
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My husband and I are currently planning a homebirth with our amazing midwife. While midwife-assisted homebirth is not currently supported by the legislation in Illinois, we’re really lucky that living in a big city (Chicago) means we can still find a certified midwife who is willing to attend our birth.

We are also currently in the midst of making the transition to begin our farm “downstate,” and my husband is looking for a job near the farm. If he finds said job, we need to move whenever it starts — before or after the due date. We have not been able to find a single midwife practicing within two hours of our new home — none.

Our options at the moment appear to be a) we resign ourselves to a hospital birth in our new hometown, b) hubby declines any job that begins before our due date (and puts us in some serious financial hot water,) or c) we move pre-baby and accept the very sweet offer of a dear colleague of mine that we can come stay in her house in Chicago near my due date and deliver there with our midwife.

I realize this is an incredible offer — a mind-blowingly, heart-burstingly generous offer. But I’m still left wondering how it would work, exactly.

So here’s my question: has anyone out there had experience having a “home birth” that wasn’t actually in their home?

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  1. Hi, I’m planning a home birth (in 6 weeks!) in a sub-let situation. We’re here for a total of 4 months and our friend whose place it is is very supportive. Trust your instinct, but I say go for it if your colleague recognises the blessing that is to have new life arrive in your home! Bless!

  2. I had a home birth 2-3 weeks after moving two states away in a rental home. It was “our” home. I wouldn’t have had a problem birthing in someone else’s home, though, if that had been my best option.

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