A half-birthday celebration for siblings just for fun

Updated Oct 12 2015
Guest post by Elle
Photos by Elle.

I have two January birthday girls, so I thought it would be fun to do a combined half birthday party for them in July. We made it "half" themed, and it was simple but sweet and fun. Penny turned two-and-a-half, and Olive turned just a half. Here's a recap:

The Menu

We started at half past 10am, so we served breakfast-y fare. This included:

  • Half caff coffee with half & half
  • Farmers market fresh doughnuts cut in half
  • Fruit salad (many fruits halved)
  • Mimosas (half oj, half champagne)
  • Bloody Mary bar (half homemade mix, half vodka) with fixins
  • Kiddie cocktail: "Penelive" half lemonade, half chamomile iced tea. In my book, Penny is the lemonade and Olive is the chamomile! ­čśë
  • Birthday cake (two halves)

The party

I used my go-to healthy birthday cake recipe. This time I just used cream cheese, heavy cream, and vanilla whipped together for the frosting and added pureed raspberries to make it pink for the writing. The raspberries worked at least as well as the all-natural food dye I found at Whole Foods. I baked two rounds, stacked them with a layer of frosting in between, then cut them and frosted the outer edges of each separately.

I upcycled one of my husband's old dress shirts into a dress and shirt for my daughter. I absolutely adore these tutorials and was so happy (but not at all surprised) that they won their week on Project Run and Play. They are in the intermediate range of sewing ability I'd say. They were perfect for this party because each girl's outfit came from half of the shirt. Plus, they were half contributed by Josh and half by me, as he provided the material and I provided the construction.

The kids had a blast playing with Penny's toys and running around the backyard with balls, bubbles, and sand toys. It is so fun and easy to have summer parties!

It was a super fun party and a great way to celebrate our girls. We will probably combine birthday parties for them in January, so celebrating in July too is a fun way to still have two parties a year — and of course we will get input from them as they get older.

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