Alex: Artist. Skeptical Daddy. Football Fan. DILF.

Guest post by Amy Watkins

This is Alex Copeland, my high school sweetheart, my baby’s daddy, my partner in crime.

He loves classical music and punk rock, renaissance art and comic books, new urbanism and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He bikes our girl to school every day and himself to work at the public library. No matter how poor he is, he always gives money to homeless people.

He has never backed down from an inappropriate joke, but he’s a lover — not a fighter. He likes birdwatching and has a tattoo of a donkey on his upper arm. He’s an idealist, a feminist and a humanist. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Once, he supported us on freelance web design gigs for two years so I could get a pretty much useless MFA. He has never called my MFA useless.

He builds bikes, he snowboards, he makes pottery and mosaics. The son of a bitch even juggles!

Plus, look at that grin.

Comments on Alex: Artist. Skeptical Daddy. Football Fan. DILF.

  1. Awesome family, and freaking amazing poetry site. My husband and I were recently discussing why there aren’t more audio/visual combinations with poetry out there and thinking of doing something about it on a local level. To me this is more like a FILF, “Family I’d like to friend.”

  2. My absolute FAVORITE thing about this, and all DILF posts, is the way in which the writers talk about their beloved. Sorry ladies, but every one of you has made me just a tad in love with your partner….and you for that matter. I sure hope my own DILF doesn’t mind. 😉

  3. Wow. I agree with Amy Absinthe: there’s so much LOVE and admiration in the way these partners are described. The post made me laugh and grin and feel oh so happy! And the picture of Alex and his daughter is adorable. What wackiness! So awesome.

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