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Let’s talk about our partners, and how we negotiate sharing our homes and lives with them.

The Appreciation Song

Andreas and I have been living together since 1998, and for the most part, we’re pretty solid domestic partners. Basically, ANY TIME we notice the other has done something around the house, we tell them how much we appreciate them. Then, the appreciation started morphing into a little song…

Surprising discoveries I’ve made in my life as an offbeat military wife

Marrying into the military can be scary, especially for those of us who don’t always follow the status quo. However, one thing with the military that isn’t talked about too much is that all sorts of people join.

My partner wants a bland palette in our new home. What can I do to keep color alive?

If my current house was an analogy of a clown puking all over everything — which is a description I’ve heard — the new house would make that same clown drop dead from sadness. What can I do?!

Make the bedroom sexy, then use it as a set for a hot home movie

Part one: let’s make a pledge for a sexy bedroom. Part two: now that it’s tidy and sex-ready, let’s talk about making a little home movie.

Peacefully integrating my partner into my house

I had three years to settle into My Way before my then-fiance moved into my house. And we learned I’m not very good at sharing my space. After a very tense month of Mo walking on eggshells and me taking the brunt of the housework, I realized something needed to give… and that thing was me.

Pervertible: my exercise equipment’s sexy secret use

Oh lord, I hope my father never reads this post, or else he’ll find out that he gave my husband one of our favorite “marital aids” without even knowing it.

Incontinence pads saved my new mattress from messy sex

When we set up the bed, I realized I was terrified. The mattress was SO WHITE, and I desperately wanted it to stay that way. Ten years of sleeping on mattresses stained with other people’s bodily fluids had done me in. I became obsessed with keeping the mattress clean…

Husband: pack rat. Me: neat freak. How do we learn to compromise?

SO MANY COUPLES (or roommates, or families) have the deadly combo of packrat + neat freak. When your organizational styles clash, what can you do to ease the tension?