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5 movies that will make your kids want to go to summer camp

I have always had a bit of a curiosity about summer camp. This is mostly because I never went to one, unless you count the strange religious camp I went to for two weeks that resulted in a case of the hives and broken furniture — which I don’t. I did, however, spend LOTS of my time as a young ‘un watching movies, and plenty of these movies were about — you guessed it — summer camps!

JCPenney’s Father’s Day ad is rocking my world

All of a sudden I’m feeling like I need to mosey down to my local mall and peruse JC Penney for all that JC Penney offers — and you can thank their latest Father’s Day campaign for that.

Offbeat Mama Reviews: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Apparently SOMEONE out there thought it’d be an awesome idea to turn What to Expect When You’re Expecting into a film.. and I went to see it. This is heavy on spoilers, and includes what I didn’t like, what I would change, and the part that made me cry.

Where do you draw the line when blogging about your family?

Cat recently wrote a fascinating piece on Offbeat Home called My door is open: why I’m pretty public online about my home. In it she discusses the transparency with which she blogs about where she lives and what she does. Cat’s digital reach in the home-focused community is pretty far — she runs two websites (the other being Hipster Housewife) about homes, and tweets many, many details about her life every single day. In fact, within another month or so I might have her whole TV schedule worked out. (I KID! Kind of.)

Thoughts about how urban parents are changing the face of homeschooling

Education is always a big topic on parenting sites — we’ve chatted about those who opt for public, private, home, and unschooling throughout this site’s existence. Michelle recently shared a piece that resonated with me: Linda Perlstein’s Why Urban, Educated Parents are Turning to DIY Education.

Lainie and Miro: one mom, her son, and their adventures around the globe

It was clear that Miro was no ordinary kid and his mum was no ordinary parent. Mother and son had left their home in LA back in 2009 in order to travel the world for eight years. They had left behind all the traditional models for parenting and education in search of a nomadic existence. They were currently staying in a hostel in Manizales, Colombia. They were my first introduction to the concept of world schooling and I was fascinated to learn more of their story.

Banishing guilt to be better: let’s chill out and trust ourselves

You may have seen the Wall Street Journal article that’s now circulating called Why French Parents Are Superior. If you haven’t, I’m sure it will pop up on your Facebook feed sooner or later. In it, Pamela Druckerman, an American ex-pat living in France, talks about how French children seem better behaved than American children and French parents seemed much more relaxed.

A photo project about Nagorno-Karabakh’s birth encouragement program

Jenn recently shared a NY Times piece calledThe National Womb, which is a project that documentary photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind underrtook. The focus is a “birth encouragement program” that the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh implemented in 2008: basically, the government gives cash to newlyweds each time they have a kid.