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The Bot’s Room

The illustrious blogger, soon-to-be mama and previously Offbeat Bride-featured Steampunk Bride,  The Pregonaut, did an AMAZING job with her little Bot’s room and was stoked to share it with us. Bask in the pop art glory awesomeness of these new digs! – Offbeat Shrie We’re at 38 weeks and the room is finally complete! Now […]

Handmade dinosaur bed for kid’s room

This may take some serious carpentry and creative skills, but your little dinosaur-lover would “snap” at the chance to sleep here. The textured face… oh, and the way the mural on the back wall extends the body… those vicious teeth! What a flippin’ fantastic themed bedroom. This sure beats the heck out of my Strawberry […]

How to dye your kid’s hair

This wonderful photo of Dylan from sadiemayb, reminded me of a post SJ over at i, asshole wrote about how to dye your kid’s hair. Should work for blue mohawks!

Onesie decorating that doesn’t suck: a primer for baby shower planners

I’ve been to other onesie-decorating baby showers, and the results have often been disappointing. But as a long-time crafter, I have faith that anyone can make something adorable with the right tools and support.

Terrible yellow eyes, ala Where The Wild Things Are

Spotted this simple, relatively mess and pain-free craft idea over on Se7en. It looks like two yellow circles on some ribbon until you know the context. Then it becomes something else entirely. It’s inspired by the following passage from the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak: “…And when he came to the […]

How to make PVC lightsabers for your little padawan

Forgive me while I geek out all over the place, but I saw this craft idea and just about exploded all over the room. Sure, my baby may want to play with it someday, but I’m fairly certain that if we had these, my husband and I would probably never watch TV again.

How to make a fairy mailbox

If you have young children (or even older ones) who believe in fairies, this is a fun, ongoing project you can do with them. A fairy mailbox is a special mailbox that kids can use to write the fairies and receive messages from them.