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Neighbors & Hoods

What makes a tent/RV/house a home isn’t always contained within its walls. These posts highlight the community surrounding the structures.

Good fences make good neighbors, so I need a damn good fence fix

Jen’s fenced yard is great for two dogs, but being able to see neighbors’ junk through its chain links sucks. She’s looking for advice on a way to spruce up her backyard view.

Starving artists live in New York, while The Heartland’s artists are fat and happy

I spent a LOT of money and time learning to paint, and then I decided not to move to a cultural center to work. I promise, I’m not stupid. Flyover country is great for creatives.

Home is the lint in the bottom of my pocket

When I graduated university, I didn’t know what I was going to do. What I knew was, whatever I decided to do wouldn’t involve staying at home. It didn’t involve native Ontario at all.

I didn’t plan on winding up in a pretty little contradiction of an English town 30 minutes south of London, but here I am.

How do you get to know your neighbors without seeming like a weirdo?

It’s a little sad to move out of an apartment realizing that you never learned the names of your neighbors. What schemes can we concoct to make the neighborhood friendlier?

I’m heart broken over a house that’s not mine

The time between making an offer on a house and getting the final word is gut-wrenching. If you get too excited, you might be disappointed… but Ashley doesn’t regret falling in love with a house.

Why trading my big house for a tiny condo was the smartest decision I’ve ever made

Shortly before starting a family, my husband and I downsized from a three-bedroom house to a one-bedroom condo. And we could not be happier.