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Neighbors & Hoods

What makes a tent/RV/house a home isn’t always contained within its walls. These posts highlight the community surrounding the structures.

The lie sold to young wanna-be urbanites

I was 21 years old when I moved to San Francisco. I was a glamorous big-city girl and I was ready to LIVE THE DREAM!

…oh, except for the fact that my $11/hr file clerk job barely paid me enough to cover rent and food.

How my “farm moments” changed me

I’m freshly showered, wearing my bathrobe, sipping my coffee on the back steps, when the turkey tom decides it’s time for some lovin’ on an injured hen.

I grab a badminton racket and run barefoot across the yard to swat the 45-pound Kentucky Bourbon Red tom off her, bathrobe flapping to reveal all. This is what I call a “farm moment.”

Who wants to live in a livable city?

Did you guys see this article that made the rounds last week, about how lists of livable cities almost never seem to include the cities where everyone, well, wants to live?

We want to move into an up-and-coming neighborhood, but our family’s putting us off!

I need to convince my family that living downtown doesn’t mean raising our kids in a crack den!

10 tips on moving to a new country and being happy there

You know how most of the time people write tip lists it’s like nine things that are so obvious anyone could write the list, and then one maybe-useful idea? Katie’s list of ways to ease international moves is not that type of list. It’s like years of experience compacted down for the newbie.

How do you bring an art culture to a community with none?

I’m popping my head up after seven years beginning my nursing career, only to discover my neighborhood is lacking. How do you add culture to a community?

How offbeat occupants can challenge their conservative neighbors’ assumptions

Oh, you think I’m going to be rude and obnoxious? Well, I’ll show you by being the most disarmingly polite, well-spoken weirdo you’ve ever fucking met! Take THAT, complain-y neighbor!

Handling noisy neighbors without being passive-aggressive

When noisy neighbors strike, what’s the best course of action to quiet them? Are you a landlord-caller, a note-leaver, or a face-to-face door-knocker?