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How can we make the backyard of our rental feel awesome for parties?

Since we’re renting the house, I want to make it more homey, but I don’t want to pour money into a yard that we’ll eventually leave. Any other suggestions on how to make this yard a bit more family-friendly, while also being renter- and budget-friendly?

Have you rented out your place as a vacation home?

My husband and I are considering putting our home on a vacation rental site for a huge summer event in our town. Escaping the crazy and getting paid for it sounds great, but I gotta admit I’m worried about having strangers in my house. Have any other Offbeat Homies rented their home to vacationers?

On the other side of the door: What it’s like to be an apartment manager

I have been fortunate enough to work from home for the past two years. I currently work as an apartment manager for my apartment complex. While I love my job, and no matter how much insane shit I deal with every day, I would never trade it for the world. That being said, there are times when it sucks to be an apartment manager…

How to protect vertical blinds when renting with cats

The rental that we have has vertical blinds on every window and door covering. I’m terrified of them being destroyed by our two seven-month-old kittens. Have you faced this situation, and what did you do about kitten-protecting vertical blinds?

How to not get scammed moving into a place you’ve never seen before

I’m an engineering student, and as such have moved quite a bit between co-ops, internships, and school. Because my moves happen three times a year and my moves are typically over 400 miles, I have never actually moved into an apartment that I’ve seen beforehand — and I’ve lived in seven different apartments/shared houses. I’ll admit, I went through some pretty crappy living arrangements because of this, but I have gradually learned how to make this experience better.

Here are some things I’ve learned to do when moving in blind…

How to deal with Evil Property Management companies

Housing in our home town is notoriously shitty (truly affordable housing is actually non-existent) because it’s a college town and the property management companies think that college kids are young, don’t know their rights, and are too busy and too poor to do anything about the way they’re treated anyway. Mostly the management companies are right. But through hellish personal experience, I have learned tips and tricks in dealing with Evil Property Management companies (EPMs), especially as a young person. All of my experience comes from renting in California, so things might be different where you are.

Learning to love my RENTED house

I distinctly remember standing in the living room of my new home, looking at the chandelier, and breathlessly exclaiming, “It’s a mansion!” American dream? Not quite. My mom was in her dream neighborhood, but the house wasn’t hers, wasn’t even the bank’s. It was the landlord’s. Eventually I became ashamed of the fact that my parents didn’t own our home, and at times a bit resentful. Then, much later than I should have, I had an epiphany…

De-beigeifying our rental kitchen with no-damage DIY and lots of color

Just because your lease commands that your place remain “rental beige” doesn’t mean that you can’t make your home colorful, useful, and glittery. Yeah, I said glittery! Check out one Homie’s de-beigeifying work-arounds.