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WTF is renters insurance really, and do I need it?

I live in an apartment, but it doesn’t explicitly require renters insurance. I’ve been renting my own places for four years now, and have gone without it. It seemed like a good thing to have, but not something to prioritize as a working (sometimes struggling) artist. Can y’all help a Homie out and break down what your experiences have been, and any advice you have on renters insurance?

5 tips to get your rental application approved, even if you have bad credit and pets

In a competitive rental market you want your application to be approved. I’ve been a property manager for over 10 years, so I have five important tips to help get your rental application approved! These tips are especially helpful if you don’t have the best credit, or if you have an animal…

How can I hide my ugly-ass wallpaper?

I live in a small, cute, mobile home in the country. The main problem concerning my home is the horrible interior walls. The trim screams “these walls are stapled together” and the wallpaper is bold in a way I can’t appreciate for the next numerous years. What can I do to cover press board paisleys and fix the tacky trim?

How do we upgrade a completely blank-slate rental kitchen?

When they say “unfurnished” rental in Indonesia, they really mean UNfurnished. The kitchen is nothing more than two (ugly) counters and a sink. We have the appliances covered, but for cabinetry/shelving, I’m at a loss.

A handy guide to being a “good” tenant

I wrote a post about what it’s like to work from home as an apartment manager. After reading the comments, I got inspired to write a post on what I as an apartment manager and landlord look at when I classify someone as a “good tenant.”

How do you make a furnished rental feel like home?

I lucked into a nursing job that provides free furnished housing. And while it’s definitely nice having free housing and not having to buy my own furniture I don’t feel at home here. How can I make my furnished rental my own?

How to deal with a bad landlord that just doesn’t care…

My husband and I really love our three bedroom upper duplex, and we get it for a really great price. The problem is that our landlord, a property management company, could not care less about anything that we contact them about. What are your tips on dealing with landlords that just don’t care?

How to hide the ugly: 5 cheap tricks for renters

My husband and I live in a rented flat in central London. It’s small. It’s a space that we can’t really personalise too much — we have no idea how long we’re going to be here (could be three months, could be a year). We’ve had to work with what we’ve got, and I’m happy to say that little by little over the past couple of months it’s really taken shape. How have we turned a dull, boxy flat with dirty walls into a space that we actually enjoy? A few cheap tricks…