Plants & Gardening

These posts cover vegetables, flower gardens, houseplants, and the trails and tribulations associated with them.

Why you should garden. Yes, even in hurricane-threatened New Jersey.

If I ever gave anyone one tip of advice it would be this: At some point in your life grow your own food.

Using dung beetles to keep poop in check and other backyard hacks for your dogs

In our post about composting pet waste Homie Maria told us how she used dung beetles in her backyard to keep her dog’s poop in check. Of course we were all very intrigued, so Maria was kind enough to let us in on the dung beetle details. Including some other brilliant backyard hacks thought up by her gardening genius late husband…

How to DIY an adorable bathtub pond

I’ve always wanted a house near some body of water. Since our current home is in a subdivision and our house is situated in what I think is geographically a canyon, my husband Jared and I had to get creative. So we created what we call The Tuttle Aquatic Gardens. That’s just a fancy name for a pond made out of a bathtub.

If you’d like to attempt your own bathtub pond, here’s how!

Use an app to help keep your orchid alive

In the comments of How to hide the ugly: 5 cheap tricks for renters, Offbeat Homie PattiLain made a comment that just may change my thumb to green!

Use applesauce cups to start seedlings

Start seedlings in freshly-washed and lightly-bleached applesauce cups. Simply punch some holes in the bottom for drainage. They do not use much soil and can be reused.

Put Stormtroopers and Boba Fett to use in your garden

We already know that Darth Vader can be useful in the kitchen. But did you know that Stormtroopers and Boba Fett can be just as useful in the garden? Derek (of Cute Fight-fame) uploaded this amazing find that he entitled “Meanwhile, on Endor…” to our Flickr pool.

Container gardening, what works?

I have been poking around and growing sweet potatoes in containers looks to be easy enough. So, I would like to do a potato box, too. But should we put that on our deck? or would the cement patio be better? What else grows well in containers? (In the Northern Mid-west?) I know we can’t put anything out until near the end of May, but when should we start the sweet potatoes? Or… you know… any other suggestions?

Where can I get my hands on some comfrey?

I’ve been wanting to plant comfrey for a couple years now but can’t seem to find it commercially. Even found hint that it might be banned (?).

Anyone have more advice for me on this or how I can get some comfrey for my garden?