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There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place… yes, even THAT.

Cosplay storage solutions… from IKEA?

This past year I’ve started to dabble in cosplay. Even though I just have four costumes, I’m ALREADY feeling the storage pinch. That’s why this “IKEA bedroom stories” video, featuring a super-awesome cosplayer, made my day. Watch this and then let’s talk…

I’m obsessed with my freshly organized bathroom

I experience a lack of motivation like any normal person. I can ignore a mess for weeks, even months on end. For example: It took me nine months to unpack every box when we moved into our apartment. We referred to the living room as the "Room of Requirement" for almost a year. But when I'm truly honest with myself, I know that I'm happiest and live my best days when I'm in a clean and organized environment. So if you're like me and need a little step in the right direction? Let me help! Starting with… THE BATHROOM.

My bathtub is wasting precious space!

My bathtub is wasting precious space!

We’ve just moved into a new rental place and it has a separate bath and shower. I’m excited about having a tub, but I can’t see us using the tub more than once every couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone has found a… dust cover? Or something that you could put over a tub? Or some way of covering the tub between uses so that the space could get used as a bench or something?

Shoe organization to avoid the mountain of shoes by your front door

What systems do you have for storing shoes by the entrance to your home? All of those cute little 12 x 12inch cubby systems or baskets in a drawers don’t work because I can fit one (if that!) of my husband’s shoes per basket. And boots don’t fit in those cubbies, either. How do you avoid the mountain of shoes by the door?

I don’t wanna hide my vinyl: Let’s talk about record display and storage

I have recently come into a pretty amazing vintage record collection. I hope to find a way to incorporate the album art into my decor. Does anyone have a good system for showing their vinyl the love it deserves, beyond the bookcase?

Turn an old bag into a nifty, hanging earring holder

Create an earring holder and show case from an old bag. Do you have a re-useable shopping bag that you love, but it’s worn out its use as a carrier-of-things? Then do what Offbeat Homie Lucy (of “hide the ugly” fame) did, and cut the bag in half, hang it on the wall, and use it as an earring holder!

Real life Tetris skills: How to have lots of things in a small space and still live comfortably

My fiancé’s father passed away in Feb 2012. His mother had passed in 2006. His step mother took what she wanted from the house after Dad died, and then moved away. We were left with a 12 room house FULL of stuff. Almost a year later, the house is empty and we finally have full use of our apartment again. Here are some tips that I learned while trying to put my things, my fiancé’s things, and the things we salvaged from his parent’s home into our small urban apartment.

Upcycle jars from your recycling bin with scrapbook paper

Just look at these adorable jars! Can you believe that before they were the perfect way Offbeat Homie Léah organized her craft supplies, these jars were trash?