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There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place… yes, even THAT.

Stretching shelf space, adding color, and stashing crafts

Lenore scored a bazillion beautiful buttons and needed a way to store them which didn’t eat up valuable shelf space. Her solution is lovely, and effectively makes each shelf twice as functional.

Storing comic books: ditching a short box for a showier display

This couple is stumped on functional, accessible, more interesting way to store comics. What are your ideas about how they can store comic books in an attractive (not boring) way that will please both of them?

Last year’s foyer makeover

Our foyer was the “shit catcher” spot for our house, which created something I hate: the entrance to our home was essentially a closet, and a messy one at that. Here’s how my high school bff helped me fix it.

How to use a shoe organizer to tame a box of unruly cords

We have this basket that’s become the wire/electronics/camera bin. It lives on a shelf (seen lurking in the background of this shot) and Tavi has recently discovered it. Time to clean it up!