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A small snack: great groom cake ideas you can steal for your own party

Hooray for Offbeat Empire crossover! Today on Offbeat Bride, Megan has a super post on groom’s cakes. Snack on these, and then head over to read about even more awesome cakes — cakes maybe you can co-opt for a party, if not for a wedding?

Giving up groceries: How we cut supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores from our diet

My husband and I gave up buying food from chains. Now we grow much of our food and buy the rest locally — and it wasn’t that hard.

How to make strawberry leather in a Ford Festiva

Last year’s peach leather was a huge hit, so now I’m tackling strawberry. We haven’t had time to build a solar dehydrator yet, but that Ford Festiva looks ripe for use…

BLAMMO! Let’s talk about BENTO!

I don’t really cook, but I like arranging food, and so a few years ago I got SUPER into bento lunches. In fact, before there was wedding porn on Offbeat Bride, there was something called Mr. Bento Porn on Flickr. Come with me as I peek at some awesome bento lunchbox options.

I like to eat Wild: where can I find elk and deer meat if my CSA doesn’t carry it?

I like to eat elk and deer over pork and steer, but I’m running into trouble. Some of my friends think it’s barbaric, and it’s really hard to find. Help me, Homies!

Vegan Black Metal Chef shreds your MIND with pad thai

I fully support the black metalizing of every day tasks. This is a legit recipe. Get out your fucking metal knife and get to it. CRUSH THOSE PEANUTS.

Don’t waste your weed: make dandelion wine

Dandelions are so much more than a lawn pest. They’re used in all kinds of folk remedies and herbal medicine. The leaves are edible. And the petals can be made into wine!

What you need to know about raising backyard chickens

You have now decided that you want chickens — but you don’t know where to start. Before you make the leap into raising backyard poultry there are some things you need to consider.