Who’s going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta?

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Hello! Surely there are lots of Offbeat readers going to Dragon*Con next month. I’m going just for Saturday, and would love nothing more than to get together with our crowd and at least take a photo!

I have no idea how to make this happen, though. Also, I have never been to D*Con so I have no idea where things are or where a good place to meet would be…

None of the Offbeat Empire staffers will be there so we can’t organize anything, but we’re betting a bunch of y’all will be… if you’d like to try to coordinate meeting up, feel free to comment!

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  1. Hi Amanda! Yay Dragon*Con! Oh man, only two weeks until I leave for that. Time flies.

    I am a dealer’s room vendor and long time attendee – I think this will be my 12th or 13th year going. There is some useful information for first-timers here: http://dragon-con.pbworks.com/w/page/18183833/First-Timer%20FAQs My biggest piece of advice, especially since you’re only going to be there one day, is to pick one thing you *really* want to see. Trying to do too much will be overwhelming. Oh, and since your one day is Saturday, get there early and see the parade!

    As for a meetup, I’d be in. Always love meeting new people at Dragon*Con. As a vendor, I’m pretty much tied to my table until the dealer’s room closes, but I do have help if I need to sneak away a bit. But it is a big area! So a good question to start with would be do you want to try somewhere central to things, or somewhere not as crowded?

    • YES. I’ll be a Dalek, a Shadowhunter, Sookie Stackhouse, and probably some fem-11th Doctor. Last year was our first year going despite my living in Atlanta for two years for grad school, and we had a blast. The cosplay there is unreal and so impressive. I’m super excited (as you can well tell).

  2. I am going! This will be my first year too. I am bringing my little sister, and husband along as well. Thursday night there is a Bunny and Hutch themed party I will be at and Saturday I will be at the Glamour Geek Burlesque review my friends are performing in, and I will also be at the Pin Up Pool Party. I HIGHLY recommend checking out this site in your favorites and daily. http://dailydragon.dragoncon.org/

    Also there is a mobile app for your smart phone INSTALL IT! LIVE by it. My friends go every year and say this is the greatest thing ever! A lot of information changes last minute and it gives you instant updates, news and maps!

    I would LOVE to meet up with a fellow offbeater while in town! we can exchange contact info if that isn’t too creepy!

  3. I am going too! I would love to meet up with a fellow offbeat-er! I will be at the Bunny and Hutch party on Thursday night, and at the Glamour Geek review on Saturday, and the pin up pool party and mermaid competition. Or standing inline to meet George Takei. ^_^

    Favorite this website http://dailydragon.dragoncon.org/ and check it often. Also install the mobile App and LIVE BY IT! Often the information changes quickly with little way to expel it to the masses, this app gives you up to the second updates, news and maps. Greatest Tool EVER!

    If it isn’t too creepy we can exchange contact info so we can meet up!

  4. I just moved to Atlanta and am really excited to go. I’m definitely going to hit the parade. After that is up in the air; I haven’t bought a ticket yet and am on a pretty tight budget. (Moving is so expensive!)

    I’d love to meet up.

  5. Dragon*Con, yay! For you first-timers, join the Facebook or check out the Livejournal (it’s linked from the website). There’s a ton of great tips there on navigating and things. D*C can be really overwhelming!

    • Also for first-timers, learn where all the skywalks are. A few years ago, they built sky bridges between the Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton, including all the ones from/to the mall. LIFESAVER.

  6. This is my eleventh year of DragonCon and my 4th with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. We will be performing on Friday night and Sunday night at 7pm. So, come see us! In years past, my late-night indulgence was to hang out in the Marriott and people watch. There is a bar that sits up above the main lobby level where you can get a great view of the entire lobby which is always packed with people in costumes. Bring your camera and don’t be afraid to ask a cosplayer to pose for you. They love it. 😀

  7. I <3's me some Dragon*Con! And an off-beat meetup would be fabulous. For you DC firsties I highly recommend the app – that thing is a lifesaver! I've attended with teenage cousins the last few years and that app helps me keep track of everybody. I also second what Cynthia said about not overloading your schedule. It's almost impossible to stick to your original plan, but that's ok because awesomeness is everywhere you look!
    As for a spot to meet up, that's tricky. That place is insanely crowded. I shall have to find my thinking cap…

  8. Yes! I promised that we’d go after I finished my degree, so we’re heading back this year. It’ll be my 2nd, but my first was back in 2008. My husband had been to a few before that. We’re bringing our toddler, so we’re keeping our schedule intentionally loose. 🙂 Definitely will be hitting the parade, and the artist and vendor halls. Lots of people-watching. One day wandering around in our group costume. We’ll plan which evening we hit a party or two after we find out when my mother-in-law (who’s coming too!) wants to babysit. I can’t wait!

  9. OH OH OH! So I just installed the DragonCon 2013 Mobile App! And guess what?! They have a friend feature, you can add friends with a special code they give you to give out! Then you can track where your friends ( or family members! ) are all over the con!!! So here is my number 317-941 if someone installs the app they can add me, and we can all add each other if we play this right ( you need a new code for each friend) and then we can meet up! mwuahahahaha

  10. HOORAY! I knew there would be folks going.

    And yes – I will be cosplaying! You’ll see me as one of the Sisters of Plenitude (http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Sisters_of_Plenitude)

    Here’s what is on my to-do list for Saturday:
    1. Parade
    2. Probably a Doctor Who panel (trying to not be picky about which one)
    3. The burlesque show (I have friends in it as well!!)

    I have the app installed – my code is 918-443 – add me! Let me know if anyone else needs a code for me.

    I would like to meet up, but like I said, I don’t know where! I’m okay with going a little bit away, but I’m going to let someone who has been before decide because I have no idea what I’m doing. Also, since I am currently preggo, not walking too too far away would be nice.

    • Yay! I added you! And shared my schedule with you, and sent you a note, because I am weird like that. I was going to put together a shout out for the Daily Dragon calling for Offbeat Homies to meet (Friday Maybe?) in the Vending room anyone have a time suggestion? So we can do an epic Off beat meet up picture?!

  11. I’ll be there with my husband! It’ll be our third year. We are planning on being there all four days and dressing up in costume on Saturday. DragonCon is hosted at five different hotels in a relatively close area. You sign in at the Westin, if I remember correctly. The Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton are the big three that have the most going on. I recommend meeting up in one of those three. For anyone interested, my friend code is 472-123. I hope to meet up with a couple of you! 🙂

  12. I’ll only be there on Saturday. We’ll be in ATL on Friday night seeing the Mythbusters at the Fox though. But I won’t be in my (awesome) costume!

    Anyone up for meeting up on Saturday? We could meet maybe by the mall, where people go to the food court? It would be less crowded there, I think. Again, though, I haven’t been before so I don’t really know.

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