Happy Donut Day: Fill your eyes with these delicious donut themed gifts

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Elizabeth’s DIY Donutella Cosplay via the Tokidoki blog

Happy Donut Day! Is it just me that geeks out over food-themed days? I thought I’d take this as an excuse to do another dorky themed gift roundup (AKA. one of my favorite things to do) and also talk about donuts. My favorite kind is boring, but amazing: The plain with chocolate glaze. What’s your favorite kind? And while we’re thinking about favorite donuts… here’s how to fill your eyes with them, even if you can’t fill your stomach with them…

Gigantic Donut Pool Float

Hi, I would live in these donut leggings if they wouldn’t just make me hungry 24/7.

Donut Washi Tape is adorable and convenient.

This small little machine harnesses the power to make donuts at home! There’s life before the Baby Cakes Donut Maker, and life after.

I don’t know why Amazon makes it look like this is just a gift for kids… I am an adult human and I want one of these plush donut pillows.

How many donuts do you think you can fit into this donut backpack?

The perfect headband for this special day… Or, you know, any day.

Is there no better combo then coffee and donuts? It only gets better when you’re drinking coffee with donuts

from a donut.
I saw these inflatable pool drink holders in a store the other day, and it was the first time I wished we were having a pool party wedding. How cool are these!??

Speaking of weddings… I think I found our thank you cards: These donut scented note cards!

I wish I had needs for push pins and therefor this push pin holder. The pins are sprinkles!? It’s the freaking cutest.

This is a purse that is shaped like a donut. This is also one of the greatest things ever created. I can not beat this.

Can you? Do you have other donut themed gift ideas that I don’t know about?

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