Make this hilarious DIY monster pet bed in 3 easy steps

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You may already know that I’m a fan of pet beds that look like they’re either eating or barfing out animals. (See: shark pet bed.) So that tweet from Ariel Dumas (writer for The Late Show with Steven Colbert), complete with adorable photos, just made my day!

Want to DIY your own monster pet bed? I KNOW YOU DO!!! Luckily she gave the interwebs the scoop. Here’s how she did it, in three easy steps:

Kivikis cat cave
Kivikis cat cave

Step 1:

Buy one of these cat caves. There are many styles of “monsters” to choose from, so you can get creative!


Step 2:

Get two ping pong balls and a Sharpie. Then use the Sharpie to draw eye balls.


Step 3:

Use thread and a heavier-gauge needle to sew the pingpong balls onto your cat cave. And BOOM! Monster cat bed!!!


Enjoy watching your stupid cat have no idea it’s being continually eaten and spit out by a monster who looks just as shocked by it as your cat would be… if it wasn’t do damn stupid.

Anyone else DIYed an awesome pet bed? I wanna see more! I also want to see your versions of these too, if you do this DIY.

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