Make your own city map wall art

Guest post by Megan Christie

One of the blessings/curses of moving to a new and bigger place is having an abundance of blank wall space. If you’re like me, you want to fill it with color, color, and more color. Unfortunately, art is expensive. Fortunately, DIY is cheap and easy.

My first stop for art placement was above the bed. I wanted a few pieces to cover a large expanse (and match my bright bedspread). I fell in love with graphic city map concept a while ago. So I attempted to make my own for around $37.

Here’s how you can make them too…

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Choose my cities. I chose my hometown, my fiance’s hometown, and the town where we met. The next step was to break out Google Maps and settle upon a uniform distance that encompassed major, recognizable roads in all three towns.

Step 2: Sketch out (with a ruler) the major roads on a sheet of letter paper. Depending on your eyeballing reliability, you can either guesstimate or grid the next step. Draw your map on the canvas (keeping in mind that it is roughly 4x the size of your paper).

Step 3: Time for tape! Use the smaller-width tape to go over minor roads and the larger-width tape to go over major roadways. In one city, I used two widths of the larger tape for an interstate. Be sure to continue the tape to the backsides of the canvas for easier peeling and pretty edges.

Step 4: Paint over the tape. If you’re using wall paint (like me) or craft paint, use a foam brush or blotter to go over the tape so as not to get bristles underneath. These methods also require two coats for 100% opacity. If you’re using spray paint, ignore all that tediousness and go nuts!

When all is dry, peel off the tape and gawk at your awesome, graphic artwork! If you feel like further personalizing your maps, mark a meaningful spot or two!

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  1. I just realized this would be awesome if you did it with hiking/park trails too. but did you put the street names on it? or just figure it’s abstract-y art?

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