Create a stamp from your kid’s art

Guest post by Dale

Remember when we talked about keeping your kid’s art? Here’s another way — make a stamp of it!

All photos by Dale Mackey.

My sweetheart’s goddaughter Avery turned four this weekend and we were lucky enough to score an invite to her birthday party at the zoo. I’ve been trying to include some small homemade element in gifts I give to make them more personal, but I wasn’t sure what to make for Avery. My usual go-tos (liqueurs, bath salts, pouches) are either completely inappropriate or totally boring for children. I also realize from being a kid that often times those homemade gifts of sweaters or framed photos are things you look back on and treasure, but aren’t particularly exciting to you as a child.

We went to the toy store and got her normal four-year-old toys, but then I had an idea. Stamps! Kids love stamps, I love stamps — it was perfect. I asked Avery’s mother to send Avery’s signature, which I planned to make into a stamp for Avery to use. She went one step further and added a self-portrait to the signature. It was so adorable I had to use it instead.

What you need

  • A drawing
  • One inky marker
  • A block of wood
  • One rubber stamp pad

How you do it

First, I printed the drawing and traced over it with an inky marker. After that all I needed to do was press it onto the stamp. I then filled it out a little and carved around the drawing. I’m so happy with it that I’m considering making another just for me.

Avery’s parents Mark and Amy report that she loved it and they are considering letting Avery use the stamp to decorate her walls in the bedroom. How great is that? Can you imagine being four years old and having parents who allow you to stamp all over your walls? I’m a little jealous of Avery because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get Shawn to let me stamp all over our bedroom walls. I hope they let her do it, and if they do, there will be more pictures to come. Stay tuned!

Comments on Create a stamp from your kid’s art

  1. The pink part is a rubber stamp pad that can be found in most craft stores. They can be carved, as pictured above, to make your own personalized stamps.

  2. We made stamps like these in 5th grade, it was so fun. Carving out the stamp pad was very satisfying. This would be a good project to do with your kids if they are old enough to handle the responsibility of working with sharp tools under strict supervision.

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