How do I keep my baby cool during the summer?

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My daughter is seven months old, and we are quickly approaching summer in Texas. Temperatures here can get HOT — average temperature of 100° F in August, anyone?

I’d really like tips for keeping cool in the car, in the stroller, and running in and out of places while on errands. I’m also interested in finding out everyone’s favorite brand of baby sunblock and/or umbrella hats.

Basically: how do you keep your kiddos cool during hot summers? — Jenny

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  1. Watch for signs of overheating. I couldn’t understand why my baby, who normally loved walks was so fussy in his stroller. Then he threw up. Not that notable in and of itself as he spit up a lot. But when I took his clothes off, he immediately got happier. And when I put him in new ones he promptly started fussing again. And with in a few minutes he passed out. As in actually passed out, not fell asleep. We rushed him home to the AC and let him sleep it off, but it was scary.

    My suggestions are shade, minimal clothing, and moisture. On a hot day, don’t be afraid to keep your baby pretty damp. But this strategy must be employed with shade because being wet can also make you more prone to burning. And sometimes, no matter what precautions you’ve taken, you just have to take ten minutes in an air conditioned building regardless of your schedule, just so the kid has time to cool down.

  2. Thanks so much everyone!
    You had so many great suggestions and tips! I have got my amazon wishlist loaded with sunblock, Jumbo car shade covers, sunshade canopy covers, as well as creative clothing ideas! Lots of good suggestions, and we will be frequenting indoor actives often.
    I love the heat, but also love to keep it cool.

    — Jenny

  3. Didn’t see it here but if you’re breastfeeding you can put breast milk in ice cube trays and put them in baby mash holders. My baby loves it and it’s like an healthy popsicle.

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