Chill your drinks with frozen fruit

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There’s nothing like an icy drink on a hot day… except when the drink gets all watered down from the ice. A cool trick you can try is to freeze some fresh fruit to chill your drinks.

The fruit doesn’t melt and water the drink down, it looks fancy-pants for parties, and best of all, the drink takes on a little bit of the fruity taste. The more you refill the drink, the fruitier it becomes.

You also get a bonus healthy snack at the end of the drink. Pick a fruit that blends with whatever you’re drinking, like pineapple for tropical drinks, or berries for iced tea or lemonade. I chose some big, fat strawberries for my pink lemonade.

It will give you the effect of those special “infusion” pitchers that have a tube to hold fruit.

Garnish with a sprig of mint or basil and you might start thinking you’re at a spa — especially if you’re drinking cocktails (with infused vodka!)

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