Dancing at Daybreaker Seattle. Photo by AJ Apuya.

Last week I was invited to share some of my writing at Daybreaker, a morning dance party that happens in Seattle (and worldwide). I decided to step out of my comfort zone and write something new, something that I guess could best be described as spoken word. After an excerpt on instagram, several folks asked for the full piece, so here it is…

UPDATE 2020: This writing has been migrated to The Afterglow, my members-only private publication.

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Comments on The call of loneliness

    • It was totally ridiculous, which was my goal — the reading itself was a little heavy (uh, y’think?) and I wanted to end it with a little pop music acapella karaoke surprise that folks could sing along with.

    • Aww, I wish!! I keep trying to convince my favorite Angeleno Meggyfin (former Offbeat Home editor, current friend) to go, and she hasn’t bitten yet… maybe if I was in town and dragged her there… 😉

    • Thank you. For a while I thought about pain/loss/grief and joy/growth/love as two ends of a spectrum, but they’re really the same thing. I can’t really tell the difference between them any more… moments of loss feel tinged with joy and love, and even my most joyful moments these days feel tinged with a sense of loss, or more just an awareness of how things always shift, which gives an added layer of appreciation onto the joy.

      tl;dr life feels different when you have a visceral awareness of how temporary it all is.

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