Breakfast at our house: a photo-documentary shoot with Jenny Jimenez (+ bonus Care Bear onesies for the whole family)

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Some of you who’ve been reading for a while may be familiar with the family portrait shoots I’ve done with Jenny Jimenez in the past — she did our maternity shoot, and then a shoot with Tavi at six months last spring. To say I love Jenny’s eye is an understatement — I trust this woman to capture some pretty pivotal moments in my life. She is amazing.

So when Jenny contacted me a couple months ago wanting to do a different kind of photo shoot, I was all ears. She wanted to do a shoot that was more photo documentary style — no posed shots, no forced smiles. She wanted to capture our family just doing what we do.

What we do most Saturdays is snuggle a bit in bed, and then get up and have pancakes. And so Jenny showed up a little before 7 one morning (!!!), and followed us around for an hour. The photos that follow are the result — with the exception of the last few shots at the end that feature the most ridiculous family rompers evar.

So yeah, about the Care Bear rompers: after stumbling across Etsy seller BangBangCrash a few months ago, I convinced Andreas to let me purchase a set of custom rompers for the entire family. He begrudgingly agreed, and when Jenny ended our shoot by saying “Any shots you want me to get?” I said “Um, can we put on our Care Bear rompers just for fun?” The rest is embarrassing family photo history!

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If you’re inspired by the Care Bear rompers, BangBangCrash makes amazing custom-made animal rompers like dinosaurs, frogs, and even Max from Where The Wild Things Are. I know what MY family is going as for Halloween — how about yours?

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  1. As much as I love a good posed set of photos, candid moments are my favorite! Jenny definitely has an amazing eye.
    p.s. all the colors (colors everywhere!) in the pictures make me super happy! 😀

  2. Love the rompers! My husband would never be caught dead in one, but total cuteness.

    Also, we attempted the epic pancake eating last weekend. I told my husband, Babies love pancakes! But evidently they did not meet my son’s approval, because he only ate two. I’ll have to try your recipe.

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