Use bread to pick up broken glass

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With an apartment full of furry creatures, I always freak out when glass breaks in my kitchen. Thanks to the Tasted YouTube channel, I now have a good way to make sure glass shards shall be no threat to paws and crumb-searching tongues.

Do you think this’ll work with all types of bread, like sourdough?

Comments on Use bread to pick up broken glass

  1. I never have paper towel…and with how glass shatters on my floor we almost never get all the pieces. This is so freakin smart its ridiculous.

  2. I would hesitate to use bread since everything is so expensive these days. I like the idea of a paper towel as a previous poster suggested.

    • But then you have a possibly shard filled sponge. Unless you make one sponge the GLASS CLEANING UP SPONGE.

      • That was so clear in my mind I didn’t even think to mention it! Of course, this would be the sponge that’s used to scrub the toilet, or any sponge that just doesn’t come near food-related items.

  3. The best bread is the wonderbread style squishy bread. I’ve done this a few times, but I usually only have super dense gluten-free stuff, which doesn’t work!

  4. The comment at the end makes me think though… what about the wild animals that like to eat things out of the dump. Or raccoons getting into things. I would feel bad about them eating glass too.

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