A Bob Dylan-themed birthday perfect for your little Tambourine Man(/Woman)

March 5 2012 | offbeatbride

ALL PLANS FOR MY CHILD'S NEXT BIRTHDAY PARTY HAVE CHANGED. Ariel sent me an email with a link and text that read "Could this BE anymore up your alley?!!?" and I knew it had to be amazing. I jumped over to Super Punch and reveled in Holden's Bob Dylan-themed birthday party by my new favorite designers, 2+.

Seriously, y'all. Just bask in it:

All photos courtesy of 2+.

The cake design is based on the Milton Graser poster of Dylan:

Harmonicas are naturally the BEST party favor:

For MORE, head over to Super Punch and 2+. THOSE GENIUSES.

  1. This is awesome! MY son (4yrs) has just developed a love for Tom Waits and this has got my creative juices going for his 5th birthday!

    2 agree

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