I spent my birthday shooting a Birth Day

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I have known my friend Raphael for four-and-a-half years — I first met him while Sean and I were students. Raphael is the kind of person that just radiates absolute happiness and peace — in fact, it’s quite an infectious attitude when around him. I mentioned to him that I’d love to shoot the birth of his daughter if they’d have me, but didn’t hear back for a few weeks … until the night before my own birthday.

Raphael emailed me that night, without knowing it was my birthday the next day, saying that he and his wife, Shushannah, and their two daughters would love to have me at the hospital with them to welcome the fifth member of their family. I was totally excited and floored by this opportunity — both because I’d be realizing one of my biggest photography dreams, and getting to join my very dear friends on such a huge day for them.

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The day was amazing — everything from the music (included No Doubt, lots of reggae, Alanis Morissette, and so many glam-rock bands I can’t even remember) to the conversation (there was a very in-depth and random discussion after Shushannah hit six or seven cm!) totally blew me away. I was constantly marveling at the experience, just taking it all in.

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Dylan-Marie was born at 3:39PM on January 7, 2011. She was 7 lbs, 8.8 ounces, and welcomed into the world after her father and sisters performed a rain dance in the hospital room to ease Shushannah’s labor and send Dylan-Marie love.



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You can see more of Dylan-Marie’s birthday at the White Rabbit Studios blog.

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  1. Beautiful documentation! I wish I’d had something similar done during my kids’ births. (And thanks, too, for not posting any “crowning” shots. LOL.)

  2. I love the one of Shushanna resting after. These are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.

    I never thought I would want photos, but my friend who was with us took some discreetly, and I love them. I showed those damn photos to everyone who was interested!

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