This family could be models, but they're just keeping it real

March 22 2011 | offbeatbride

I love family photo sessions that are all about a narrative. This particularly dreamy sesh from Ana Paul Photographers seems to be saying, "We are beautiful! We love each other! We're awesome, and you are too!"

Or something like that! Anyway, my point is: these photos (and this family) are so appealing that they're delicious. Dig in!

All photos by the super radtastic Ana Paul Photographers.

HOW CUTE IS THIS KID?!!? Aaaahahhhh, those cheeks.

I LOVE this photo. It screams "fabulous-awesome-and-still-totally-relatable couple + kid" and makes me want to hang out with them every day.

Can we all take a moment to collectively hold our breath and then let it out in a happy sigh? Because this photo deserves exactly that reaction:

I love the yellow leaves in this one!

See the rest of the session here!

  1. Oh man, that little sweetie and his hottie-pants retro/rockabilly mama and papa just made my day! It is so worth clicking the link for the rest of the photos. Love it!

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