Are there any magical alternatives to a baby showers?

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Minted's Cheers baby invitation
Minted’s Cheers baby invitation

I am knocked up for the first time, and my friends are all asking when they can throw me a baby shower. The thing is, I’m excited about my growing foetus, but I really, really hate baby showers. I don’t want people to have to buy me things or play ridiculous games. I know we could bend the rules and have a gender-mix and alcohol but I’d really rather skip it altogether.

So… do you have any magical alternatives to a baby shower that would allow my friends to celebrate, but wouldn’t have the term “baby shower” in the title? -Kate

We’ve featured a alternative baby shower ideas before, and if you remove the term “baby shower” from the invites, these party ideas could do the trick…

Throw a onsie decorating party:

Invite people over to drink beer out of baby bottles:

Have a Monster Mash:

Throw a bohemian style pool party:

Invite people over to enjoy a Uteriñata

What are the ways you threw an alternative baby shower?

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  1. Lots of great ideas here. I would like to incorporate hand-me-downs or gently used gifts into our future “baby warming” or shower. I have heard people call these “green showers”. We have a very small house and won’t have room for much baby furniture, so I love the ideas of asking people to bring meals or books.

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