Show us your altar challenge solutions!

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Last week we issued a challenge: to transform an unloved, awkward space into an altar fit for adoration. So, we got a few postings in the Flickr group, of which I really dug this’un from Fireside Fortune:

My tiny corner of cool

And what’s the story behind all the color?

“Having a space on our tiny boat for things that don’t have a function is pretty frivolous. I have boxes full of other things that I can’t fit out though so for now this will have to do.

The helmet was purchased on our very first journey on our boat. The robot was from a craftster swap and the Yo Gaba Gaba! and Kevin Smith figures are a joint collection between me and my boyfriend.”

You can see the other altar images here. Keep your eyes open for more challenges in the future — and we may even have sponsored prizes to share!

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    • We don’t have her yet we’ve been collecting them as and when we’ve seen them and we haven’t found a Foofa yet. 🙁 There was only one shop that we found doing them round here and they put them all on sale and sold out really quick. 🙁

  1. My old digital camera died 🙁 so I didn’t get a chance to participate, but once I get a new one, I’ll definitely be submitting to the pool the awesome nik-knack shelf the hubby and I made above the bed by screwing a painted plywood board to two of our bookshelves on either side of our bed. It’s awesome. We don’t even have a headboard but this easily made little ensemble has really given our room some character.

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