Advice for holiday decorating around adventurous pets

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Let's see… if I pull here, I think I can bring this whole bitch down. © by Lil Shepherd, used under Creative Commons license.
Do Homies have any suggestions for pet-friendly holiday or winter decorations? I was looking online for some inspiration, but all I could think was… 1. my dog will eat that, 2. my cat will eat that, or 3. my cat will knock that on the floor, and then my dog will eat it.

Most pet owners are aware that tinsel and poinsettias can make animals sick, but if you have adventurous pets like I do, even normal decorations can pose a hazard.

Any suggestions for pet-proof decorations? How do you attach ornaments to a tree or garland so that a cat can’t remove them? Thank you! -Jane

We profiled the kitty-proof garland idea last week. So that’s about all we have as far as advice on this topic goes (seriously, I’m lucky in that my pets don’t care at all about the tree or ornaments). What other awesome pet-proof holiday decor ideas have YOU come up with?

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  1. We had puppies AND young children in the house one year – as you can imagine, the tree came down more than once. I tied big jinglebells onto the bottom branches of the tree which scared the puppies if they set them off and alerted me to when the youngsters were messing with it. Of course, that didn’t stop the puppy from chewing up my springle rolling pin, or the box of Christmas cards, or the slippers, or the presents…

  2. Our roommate’s cat knocked his previous roomie’s tree down twice last year. To prevent a repeat, we put two bags of rock salt opposite each other on the legs of the tree stand, underneath the tree skirt. Even if she tries, the cat will not be knocking our tree down. As others have said, put things that are breakable/dangerous for pets in places the animals can’t reach/don’t go. Another tip: don’t put out things that smell interesting, like those sooo pretty clove oranges featured a few posts up. You’re asking for it.

  3. revisiting this after the holidays, my cat managed to move into my christmas tree, wrestle every decoration off of it, and bend the top until it pointed straight to the ground. after coming home from family activities christmas afternoon to find the tree in the floor, my husband and i decided it was time for the tree to go back in the box until next year. haha happy new year to you guys and your feline friends. :]

  4. Bells bells and more bells they announce the furry feline invasion giving me the opportunity to yell in the middle of the night and go in person otherwise. I hang the bells, lovely metal traditional ones with large clappers, low on the tree with wires to encourage ringing. I suspect bells on garland would be even more suitable as they would be attractive. Jingle bells are loud enough too. This has worked for me for many decades and many cats. Of course I never have anything too dangerous in reach but bells announce any incursion.

  5. Last year we dared to get a 3-foot tree. It was small enough that it wasn’t worth it for them to climb. However, one of my guys loved to chew on the branches. Weirdo. We didn’t decorate it at all though, because I knew it would be pointless. Maybe this year… with some unbreakable ornaments…
    Our other Xmas decoration is paper snowflakes on our windows. One window of regular snowflakes, one window of Star Wars snowflakes ( However, the kitties have already blown up the Death Star (i.e. ripped it down), as well as some others. But at least the paper is harmless and easily replaceable!

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