My son's Nintendo and Mario-themed bedroom

When I learned I was pregnant I knew immediately that my child's room would include elements from my old favorite original Nintendo games.  I started working on items for him right away, many of which are still in his room today.


Send your college student to school with a Stormtrooper alarm clock because you can

Hey, hey it's the middle of the summer — which means a certain portion of our readership is getting ready to send their kiddos off to college! My first (and only) dorm room was a pretty special hive filled to the brim with rock star posters and whatever cute stuff my best friend's mom bought us (because I was flat broke), but that doesn't mean I'm not full-on enthusiastic about virtually decorating the dorm rooms of your offspring! And lest we forget: at least half of this could totally work in an adult home, or a kid's room. Or all three.


Small-space living tips that even families in bigger homes can learn from

My partner and I are raising two young kids in a third floor walk up apartment in Brooklyn. We have two small bedrooms. How small, you ask? Well, when I insisted that we get a queen-sized bed during month six of my second pregnancy, the trade-off was that we would no longer be able to shut our bedroom door. We have a living room space, a kitchen and a bathroom. While our apartment is bigger than what many people make do with in the city, its not spacious by any extent.


Baby-proofing with beanbags

I've always been a big fan of the beanbag chair. It's great for snuggling while watching TV, sprawling out solo with a good book, chilling with a pet, starting conversations at parties, breaking physical barriers between people, and easy to move when it's time to vacuum. You can even take a beanbag camping with you and lounge under the stars in comfort. A good beanbag chair can make a room feel fun, casual, playful, and cozy. Turns out, beanbags also make awesome baby-proofing.