From geeky to gangsta rap: Jordandene has the coolest kids clothes you'll see today

Remember when I first introduced you to Offbeat Home sponsor Jordandene? I gave you geek chic shirts for big kids, and you explored the site and found the geek chic items for little kids. Let's talk about Jordandene's awesome kids clothes and accessories (including the BEST FREAKING GIFT FOR KIDS of all time). Plus there's a special discount for any Jordandene stuff you like.


How to make giant 10-sided dice

I present to you my tutorial for making giant d10 (because the giant d20 didn't work out so well — the pattern is far more complicated and didn't really work with the thick cardboard). If you have questions, feel free to ask 'em in the comments.


Wear your insider nerdisms on the outside with these subtley geeky designs from Jordandené

Pennsylvania-bred and Brooklyn-based, Jordan makes clothing (for adults and kids) with geek-chic graphic designs. I'm cray-cray for these screen printed shirts and undies that, as Jordan puts it, "feature beautiful, hand-lettered quotes and insider nerdisms for those with discerning taste." Check out these tops and undies that feature quotes from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Carl Sagan…