This reupholstery magic will have you hunting for garbage furniture

 All photos by @theCathedra
All photos by @theCathedra

It's been a while since we had some good DIY before and afters from our readers. And then, boom! Offbeat Homie Heather (aka TheCathedra) uploaded some of her handy reupholstery work, and… well… WOW. These before and afters are going to have you eyeing every piece of cast-away furniture for their potential.

It's amazing what new fabric can do…

From garbage to Garbo vibes:

My latest renovation. #restore #reupholstery #relove #sentimentalvalue #acreativedc #MadeinDC

My latest renovation. #reupholstery #reuse #relove #sentimentalvalue #acreativedc #MadeinDC

Re-store revival:

Found this chair before it hit the trash at the Re-Store Silver Spring. I replaced everything except the wood. Look at her now!!!! #reupholstery #acreativedc #reuse #relove #beforeandafter #MadeinDC

Heather found this chair before it hit the freaking trash at a Re-Store. She replaced everything, except the wood and look how great it turned out! That fabric is especially killer. I want this chair now.

Even doors and walls get re-upholstered:



From random door, to the fanciest studded sliding door you've ever seen!

Had some fabric laying around that I just couldn't pair with any furniture I was re-doing. Viola! It looks amazing as wallpaper. Horizontal was better than vertical. #beetlejuice #gothhome #acreativedc #beforeandafter #MadeinDC

Apparently, after all her upholstery magic, Heather had some extra fabric laying around…. "I just couldn't pair it with any furniture I was re-doing. Viola! It looks amazing as wallpaper. Horizontal was better than vertical."

Her Etsy store is empty at the moment, but I'd suggest you add it to your list of favorites to keep an eye out on for more amazing reupholstery magic!

  1. This has inspired me to tackle my upholstery project that has been sitting in the shed for months!

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  2. I have an office chair that could really use reupholstery, but it has cushions on the arms as well as the seat and back. Seems like it would be complicated, but I'd love to figure out how it could be done.

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  3. WOW!! I have a vintage couch I'm wanting to reupholster. It's a big job and I'm a little afraid to start. This is amazing!

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