How to have a healthy relationship when one partner is unemployed

My name is Sullie, and my partner and I live below the poverty line. What's more, my partner is unemployed and will likely remain that way for the rest of our lives together. So why am I okay with this? Because my partner's health issues are chronic and difficult to manage. Here are our steps to living below the poverty line on a single income…


Empowering songs to pump you up after a break-up (or anytime)

Even if you're not using it to run, empowering, upbeat music could help get you through something like a breakup (or a job rejection, or almost any disappointment) and remember how awesome you are. These tracks are more about loving yourself, surviving, not needing anyone else, or feeling powerful, and less about hating an ex. I'm going to share some up-tempo, self-empowering songs, then I'll open it up to the Homies and see what they suggest.


Get drunk, have sex everyday, buy new underwear, and other infertility insights

Infertility sucks, no two ways about it. Some parts of this have made me angry and bitter, but the hilarity that has ensued during the surreal conversations I've had about it has at least given me some uncomfortable stories to tell my future progeny and their prom dates. I plan to use them as part of the explanation I give for why they don't have a college fund and why we live in a van down by the river.


Palliative care, cross-country moves, and whiskey in a Mason jar: Ariel Gore's "The End of Eve"

Ariel Gore's memoir, The End of Eve, describes the complicated role of caretaker thrust upon her when her mother Eve is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Their relationship has been fraught with emotional manipulation and abuse since Ariel's childhood. Now that she's dying, Ariel has to confront their relationship whether she's ready to or not — and she has to move across the country to do it.


How to live with a passionate [read: obsessive, driven, fanatical, and somewhat egotistical] partner

When I say the word "passionate," I'm not talking about the down on your knees, overly-romantic type fanfare. I am referring to how I describe a person who is passionate about whatever specific interest they hold dear to their heart. Other words such as obsessive, driven, fanatical, and somewhat egotistical also come to mind. What if these tend to describe your partner?