Make bookmarks for your marathon DVD watchings

IMG_3978From the Homie who gave us the great idea to use vertical blinds to display letters and photos comes this bookmarking hack for your DVDs.
For those of you who don't have one of those new-fangled, super-smart DVD players that remembers where you were even when you remove the DVD, you might be familiar with the whole "Now, where were we?" confusion that comes up between marathon-tv-series-watchings. Homie etimodnar utilizes this handy-dandy DVD bookmark to keep track of what episode they're up to.

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  1. My laptop (where I was 99% of DVDs) does have that genius feature of automatically starting where you left off….if you insert the right DVD. If you forgot what DVD you're on, forget it.

  2. If Netflix didn't show me where I left off, I'd be screwed.

    Next time I bust out a DVD series I own, I'll have to remember this.

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