Make a cuddly fleece blanket with NO sewing required

Guestpost by Chrissy Branom on Dec 18th

I wish I could sew well. Honestly, I've tried but the results never seem to work out. Methinks it's mostly due in part to my lead foot using the sewing pedal as I would with a racecar during a quarter-mile race.

While browsing the web and day dreaming of a sewing adventure actually turning out awesome for once, I found a no-sew pattern for a baby blanket. After a few size modifications, I was able to make one that actually fits a king size bed.

It's incredibly cuddly and very easy to make. The project takes about an hour and a half (without any kitty interruptions) and it can double as a homemade gift for friends.



1. Wash the fabric. I suggest washing it in cool or cold water and a low dryer setting. This isn't completely necessary, but being the fabric has been through warehouses, trucks, boxes and what have you, it's just nice having it cleaned right off the bat. Plus, it sometimes makes the material softer, which ups the cuddly factor.

2. Lay the first piece of fabric on a large surface, right side down. For the fabric newbies: patterned fabrics will have two sides to them.

The right side will have the pattern showing very brightly and easy to see, while the wrong side will show a reverse of the pattern in a more dull view. Place the pretty and bright side facing the ground.

3. Lay the second piece of fabric on top of the first piece of fabric, right side up. This piece will have the side that you want to see facing you.

4. Cut a 4" square from each of the four corners of both of the fabrics. Personally, I measured one set of 4" squares and used that as a template for the rest.

5. Now, hold both fabrics together and cut strips of fringe down each of the four sides. Cut each fringe 4" deep and 1" wide. This doesn't have to be exact! It's pretty easy to just wing it after a while.

6. After the fringe is cut, tie double knots using the strip of fringe from fabric #1 and fabric #2.

Et voila! Now, you have a cuddly blanket perfect for snuggling or giving away as a gift.

Please upload pics of your cuddly adult fleece blankets! I would love to see what ya'll come up with.

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