Advice for holiday decorating around adventurous pets

By on Dec 17th

Let's see… if I pull here, I think I can bring this whole bitch down. © by Lil Shepherd, used under Creative Commons license.

Do Homies have any suggestions for pet-friendly holiday or winter decorations? I was looking online for some inspiration, but all I could think was… 1. my dog will eat that, 2. my cat will eat that, or 3. my cat will knock that on the floor, and then my dog will eat it.

Most pet owners are aware that tinsel and poinsettias can make animals sick, but if you have adventurous pets like I do, even normal decorations can pose a hazard.

Any suggestions for pet-proof decorations? How do you attach ornaments to a tree or garland so that a cat can't remove them? Thank you! -Jane

We profiled the kitty-proof garland idea last week. So that's about all we have as far as advice on this topic goes (seriously, I'm lucky in that my pets don't care at all about the tree or ornaments). What other awesome pet-proof holiday decor ideas have YOU come up with?

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