Surfboards do more than just float: how to use surfboards as home decor

By on Sep 6th

Photo by Kevin Mcneal via megan on Pinterest

I love this surfboard fence on Maui. Every time I drive by it, it makes me smile. It made me wonder… what other awesome things can surfboards do at home that would make me smile? So I scoured my friends' houses and Pinterest, and found some awesome ideas. Fences, showers, coat racks… here are some ways to repurpose your unused or broken surfboards.

Here's that guy I married chilling at a bar made from a surfboard in a friend's backyard.

Here's another example of a surfboard bar, this time with a gorgeous wooden board.

This barely used surfboard is being made much more useful as an added storage space in my neighbor's apartment.

Surfboard turned chalkboard.


Source: via Deb on Pinterest

I love the idea of turning an old (maybe broken?) surfboard into an outdoor shower.

And I'm spent. What other ways can you repurpose your old surfboards into your home decor? Headboards? Coffee tables? What else?

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