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My parents’ pallet garden fence is ugly and awesome

My parents got a huge stack of pallets. They also got a huge influx of deer on their property this year. And the idea to grow a big ol’ vegetable garden. These three factors converged to create the Ugly Pallet Fence. Though it be ugly, it is quite effective…

Fencing hacks: Secret ways to put up a fence without actually putting up a fence

We featured a fabulous post about how to create a safe space for yourself when you’re living in an un-safe environment. One of the issues was that of not being allowed to put up a fence, when you desperately need one. That’s when it was Offbeat Homies to the rescue! So many of you suggested awesome non-fence-type fencing that I thought I’d share their good advice…

Bamboo fencing: my favorite island-style home decor

I’m working in Maui right now. Aloha, bitches! So I’m inspired to talk about one of my favorite decorating tools to instantly give your home an instant island feel — bamboo fencing! It’s obviously useful as fencing, but also has many indoor and outdoor uses to make your home feel like a tropical vacation.

Surfboards do more than just float: how to use surfboards as home decor

I love this surfboard fence on Maui. Every time I drive by it, it makes me smile. It made me wonder… what other awesome things can surfboards do at home that would make me smile? Fences, showers, coat racks… Here are some awesome ways to repurpose your unused or broken surfboards. Can y’all think of any other ways?

How a kitchen works without a sink

Thanks to Brookes for uploading this photo to our Flickr pool. She explains her kitchen sans sink… This is our sink set up until we have the well hooked up. My husband and father-in-law made all of the cupboards. Our tiny house was originally a pottery studio so here and there we have bits of […]

Aging beers in casks and imagining pet bats — reader photos

Start your day with our collection of interesting articles on the web and photos from our readers. In these Clicky Links you’ll find lots of sites to waste a little time on — and you’ll find a host of uses for missile silos.

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Good fences make good neighbors, so I need a damn good fence fix

Jen’s fenced yard is great for two dogs, but being able to see neighbors’ junk through its chain links sucks. She’s looking for advice on a way to spruce up her backyard view.