Monday Moment: Happy chalkboard-y fridge with skulls on top

By on Sep 24th

I thought we'd start our week off with a little horror decor moment submitted by Offbeat Homie Janelle. Apparently the skulls all collected above the fridge when they moved into their space, and, as Janelle put it, they just make her happy.

But you know what makes ME happy? The fact that her fridge is also a chalk board with a dual purpose. Janelle explains…

Lucky me, I came home one day to discover that my partner had purchased
erasable chalkboard markers and decorated our fridge! It makes me smile every day and brightens up my otherwise very grumpy/groggy mornings.

The lists on the bottom half of the fridge help us keep track of the perishables we have on hand. Writing everything on the fridge helps us remember what's in there and cuts down on spoilage.

This was kind of like a Monday Moment AND a "great idea" all in one!

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