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I need help finding the perfect room divider!

By on Jul 23rd
Living in/sharing small spaces is becoming pretty common, as is having to use one space for multiple purposes. Right now, my search is for an affordable divider for a bachelor pad where the only window is a glass balcony door to quite a deep room.

The pad is an open plan bed/living/dining/kitchen/wardrobe room.

The only space that allows a bed is by the balcony door meaning I need a divider that allows privacy, as well as lets light in, while being affordable. I'm desperately searching for solutions/ideas that meet those criteria and right now am tearing my hair out! Help?!


Hey Eegee! I love finding fun and funky room dividers, so this question was really fun to receive. We've previously featured 3 quickie ideas for unconventional room dividers, but I've gone ahead and found even MORE room dividers this time that will separate a space, let light in, and I tried to keep my finds $100 and under.

I think this four-panel shoji screen divider is a good option — it's light-colored wood, which doesn't feel imposing, the rice paper will let light in but add privacy, and it's on sale for $35!

Her's another shoji screen option that has more rice paper than frame, which means a lot more light. It also offers a super pretty bamboo design that's not too girly or not masculine enough. Fuck yeah bamboo. It's pricier at $73.

I happen to LOVE this hanging option with its very mod design. This one, obviously, won't allow for 100% privacy, but it will divide a room without being too imposing and looking really swanky. It's on sale for $108, but I think it's worth every penny.

Here's a fabric paneled room divider. At $44 you could afford to keep this room divider for a long time and make custom fabric panels whenever the mood strikes.

Have you considered an open shelving unit? Like the Ikea Expedit Bookcase? Once you fill the bookshelves up with books and accessories this creates a private space AND a storage solution that also lets light in.

Here's a cheaper, even funkier, shelving divider option!

This white swirly room divider is $99 and ticks all the boxes.

I'm a big fan of Moroccan and Indian-style room dividers. My buddy has one she uses as a headboard for her bed that's placed in front of a window. It looks gorgeous and lets in light. The one pictured above is pricey, but you may be able to find them second-hand for less.

Okay, here's my favorite offbeat option for $60 — Made from recycled, double-wall cardboard, Butterfly Nomad is a modular system that can be assembled into free-standing room dividers without hardware, tools, or damage to existing structures.

What about getting those sliding panel systems and installing them from the ceiling instead of in a window? As long as they're very light-colored panels, it should let enough light in even when closed.

Ooh ooh, check out how cool these Koziol Fusion Partition Element squares! Each square can be assembled in no time, with individual components easily linked with convenient hooks and form a REALLY neat room divider. Also comes in red and clear, and they're $12 a square.

And I'm spent. Homies, whatchu got as far as room divider suggestions that let in light and don't cost a billion?