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Old collections: basement fodder or cool display?

By on Jul 20th

Confession: I have a lot of Speech and Debate trophies from high school. They fill up a few big plastic tubs in my parents' basement. They mean a lot to my nerd self and every year or so my folks ask if they can finally toss them out. Every year I just can't bring myself to do it. I have other collections too: Archie comics, Elfquest graphic novels, old skool My Little Ponies… okay I get it, I'm not cool.

The point is this:

What do you do with (potentially embarrassing) collections with which you can't bear to part?

Do you keep them locked away in a basement/attic/under the bed or find ways to display them in your home?

I know I could find a way to display them like these action figures or add them to the decor, but what do YOU do? I have a feeling my boxes of random gavels are going to clash with my non-judicial decor, but maybe they'll come into play when I need to settle an argument…?

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