My dream house: a retro waterfront condo in Seattle

By on Jun 5th

Sometimes I day dream about moving from Los Angeles to Seattle so I can live closer to the water, breathe cleaner air, and work side by side with our darling Ariel (and her noisy neighbors).

The good news is, I found my PERFECT home in West Seattle! It's a waterfront condo right on the Puget Sound with an amazing view. The bad news is, once again, it's a total pipe dream, costing $440,000. But it's fun to have dreams, right?

Wanna take a virtual tour of my imaginary retro Seattle pad? Well thanks so much for coming, step right in and check out the view…

Oh condo, you had me at amazing view with a freaking fireplace. If you see the listing on you'll see an agent left the comment "Unfortunate that the fire place is positioned directly in the middle of the gorgeous Puget Sound views." But I actually think it's awesome! I would hate to have to choose between staring at a fire, or starting at the water. This way, you have both. My stipulation in buying this condo would be that the retro TV would HAVE to stay.

In fact, I'm entirely in love with ALL the vintage televisions tucked into those perfect built-in bookshelves. I'd also request that red chair, but not-so-much the couch.

Upon purchasing my dream condo, I would take down that wall dividing the kitchen and the living room. Why block the view!?

Heading down the hall, you see the guest bathroom. I love the color scheme in here — from the floors to the bathroom sink.

Here's the guest room/office. Look at all the mid-century modern goodness going on in here!

The master bedroom is meh, but it has a freaking waterfront view, so I'm sold. It looks like the deck wraps around to the bedroom, so I'm not sure why there's no deck access — but I would rectify that problem asap.

Speaking of the deck, it's apparently the largest in the complex. Oh yeah, baby.

I'm so glad you came to my dream Seattle condo tour. Let's just virtually hang out right here until the next owner kicks us out.

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