A retro dining room & kitchen makeover with '50s style & chalkboard paint

By on Jun 20th

kitchenBA2You often see home makeovers going from retro to more traditional upgrades. Which often makes me sad, because I'm BIG into retro kitchens and dining rooms. But Jenn Fletcher from BlondeShot Creative took her dining room and kitchen from "perfectly fine" to "perfectly AWESOME" with retro makeovers.

I've watched enough House Hunters to know that the original kitchen was perfectly upgraded, but lacked personality. Jenn KILLED IT with white cabinets and chalk board paint on the cabinets. And OMG would you look at those green cabinet pulls? The blue vintage bread box is just icing on this retro kitchen cake.

But the updates don't stop with the kitchen. Jenn's living room got a makeover as well.


But let's zoom in on that after photo shall we? So much awesome hidden away:
I love the retro light fixture, window coverings, and the '50s diner-style table and chairs!? Oh man. LOVE. THIS. MAKEOVER.

Amazing job, Jenn! I'm so very jealous.