Living off the grid: photographs of people living a different life

By on May 3rd

Photos courtesy Eric Valli

Photographer Eric Valli has spent the last four years talking with people who are trying to reduce their impact on the planet by living off the grid. They hunt, they fish, they forage — they don't use cars or buy many materials, and they look like people trapped in time.

From Kitune Noir's write up:

It's interesting to see that he documented three varying degrees of being off the grid. You have the lone hunter in the woods, the family who appear to be Amish, and on the extreme end, a group of folks who almost look like hunter gatherers. The contrast between the three groups is pretty staggering. On the table of the hunter we see a bottle of hot sauce, so clearly he's still seems connected with the modern world. The Amish family is almost the neutral base of the group. We all have a familiarity with how they live, generally we know they live simply, just some fruit and an unloaded gun on the table.

Off the Grid Kitsune Noir

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