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I need realistic advice about living off the grid in small structures

I’ve always had the dream of moving around place to place in my own nomadic shelter.

Things to know before you bring potbellied pigs into your urban homestead

Are you thinking of adding a potbellied pig to your homestead? I have had my two potbellied pigs Clem and Tubbs chilling in my backyard for about three years now, and here is my advice to help you know if you are ready to bring a pig into your family.

How to make your own Borax-free laundry soap

How to make your own Borax-free laundry soap

This recipe is Borax free, Naptha free, perfume and dye free, and about as gentle as it gets. It’s great for babies, people with allergies or sensitive skin, and doesn’t leave residues. Natural laundry soap is great for hard and soft water towns. And if you DIY it, it costs five times less than commercial detergents, and you can use less of it!

Urban Homesteading: Planning and planting seedlings

So we got our seedlings planted, now it’s time to plan our garden! In my space, I have a 20’x6′ garden, which only gets sun from the West, with a medium-length growing season, and a fair bit of rain (go West coast!) and sun. Here’s my plan…

Owning dairy goats: How I became the “crazy goat lady”

I am an Agricultural Science teacher, and a homeowner, complete with eight whole acres to use for sustainable farming. While the garden was put in, and laying hens purchased (chickens are the homesteading gate way drug), I couldn’t forget my fascination with the dairy goats I had met! So I began researching…

Urban Homesteading: Starting a vegetable and herb garden

Planting a garden is super easy, and can be done even if you have no yard, and just a small space with some sun. I can’t even keep houseplants alive, and last year grew enough vegetables to keep me stocked for about four months straight in a single 12×5’ vegetable plot! If you’re thinking, “WHOA! This is way too hard for me, I don’t think I can manage this.” It’s okay, I’ll be gentle…

How do I turn a driveway into a vegetable garden?

It’s January and Spring is fast approaching so I’ve got planting on my mind. Unfortunately, the only spot that really works for a vegetable garden is a patch of yard that was paved over as a driveway extension. So the question is, what is the best way to make this space useable as a garden?

Thank the pickle gods for 48-hour, refrigerator pickles

I LOVE pickles. Love them. I love them so much that I have been on a mission for years to find a great pickle recipe that did not include canning. Then I found this crazy easy refrigerator pickle recipe, and all I could do was thank the pickle gods for finally smiling down on me.