3 links celebrating garden-dwelling hedgehogs

By on May 7th


I am endlessly jealous of those of you who live in the magical land where hedgehogs are native and common in gardens. All I have is possums!



Look at this shit. This is the beast that snuffles past my door at night to rummage through my compost leavings. My particular possum is HUGE and waddling — at least 25 pounds of wiry gray hair and teeth and little beady eyes.

Fuck possums, guys. Let's celebrate the cuter, sweeter, only-mildly-prickly and never-hiss-filled hedgehogs. I dug up some hedgehog love to noodle on.

Ready! Set! Go!

1. So if you have hedgehogs in your garden, what do they do all night? If you've got an infrared camera, you can track them!

2. How do you create an outdoor space a hedgehog will want to move into? Gardening with Children has a full list on hedgehog boons, dangers, and ways to up your chances of getting a prickly new neighbor.

3. Finally, are you one of the lucky ones living in native hedgehog habitat, but you find yourself hedgehogless? Do you have an enclosed garden that is woefully under-hedgehogged? Did you know that a UK hedgehog rescue is looking for safe spaces to which they can rehome little spiky dudes? TRUTH! There might be a little three-legged hedgehog waiting to come live under your care.

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