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6 lively mailboxes for pirates, steampunks, and other offbeatlings

By on May 4th

Wrought Iron Mailbox available on Amazon

Checking the mail makes me feel like I'm at home. You can make your mailbox reflect your home's personality SO EASILY (most of the time) and there are a surprising number of less-than-usual mailboxes out there.

This wrought iron box is a little bit Victorian, a little bit country, and nice and big for even large packages.

I've picked out a few other choices of unusual mailboxes — ones that go beyond the "black tin box slapped on a pole" most houses have.

The Hoopla box is a modernist dream.

And the bright letterman looks like it comes from a modernist submarine. Toot toot, sub mail!

Express your love of all things postal with this copper envelope mailbox.


Or declare your steamy-ness to the neighborhood with a steamer trunk mailbox.

Or get a little bit of Dia de los Muertos in your day with this box. Hand painted!

Installing a new mailbox soon? What flavor will you choose?

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