There’s no shame in not doing it all yourself: people exist who can do your projects FOR you!

By on Jan 6th

Scissor Kit © by LollyKnit, used under Creative Commons license.

The DIY movement has been in full force since oh, say, 2008. Its resurgence started before that, but that's when it seems to have tipped over into a popular topic, when indie crafters got cool and became a thing you could be. The internet makes it hard NOT to see clever new things to make or fix or repurpose, and for some people crafting becomes a problem because the information is so available.

Thanks to the internet's cornucopia of information and ideas, I've very much taken on the attitude that I CAN MAKE ALLLLL THINNNGSSSS, even though truthfully, I'm fair-to-middling at making things. Given a little time and good supplies, we can make a good go at most things — which is a damn slippery path to the mindset DO IT YOURSELF OR IT DOESN'T GET DONE! Which doesn't have to be the case.

The reality is, there are people who can take some of your low-hanging fruit in the Project department, and can actually save you time and money in the long run. Let's work together: who do you rely on to help you make the stuff you own last longer? Do you have a good recommendation about choosing a tailor? Or maybe you learned what you SHOULDN'T find in a good upholsterer.

I have one DIY area I've loved avoiding: cobbling. My beloved combat boots lasted through high school and most of college — and three soles — before they gave up the ghost. Find a good cobbler and even the cheapest rubber-soled shoes can increase in value.

Tell us what projects make you admit defeat and give to the experts!

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