5 lamps you can handmake to add sculptural surrealism at home

By on Jan 12th

Cheap good lamps are hard to find, am I right? I've been on the search for them in big box stores, clearance aisles, antique shops, and thrift stores all over the midwest, and I'm still lighting most of my living room with clamp lights. If you're in the same boat, I have been scheming schemes. Here are five lamps you can handmake.

Zip tie lamp! This one's by a designer, but I'm sure you could find a suitable circular skeleton to be the middle. If not, try a zip tie lamp in this style:

Source: jenniferadamsdesignblog.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Ready-made rice paper lanterns are easy to find — especially near an IKEA — and they're super easy to customize, too.

Use a little hot glue and crinoline or other fabric remnants, and you have a pinata-like lamp that's a flash of color.

I LOVE the sculptural quality of this idea: a lantern covered in vellum paper strips.

There are lots of options for a kitchen:

Like a colander plus a cool bulb.

A vintage Jell-O mold-turned upside-down makes a damn fine pendant, too.

If you're in need of a nice table lamp, there's no shortage of ideas. Thrift up some (hopefully matching!) china for a very, very cool project like this tea set lamp:


Source: etsy.com via Natascha on Pinterest

I love this pin-pricked lampshade, with certain holes augmented by GEMS! PRECIOUS GEMS! …Or more likely, some dime-store plastic sparklies.

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